Collaborative tools to connect School and Landscape

EDULANDS for transitions is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union

Sustainability and ecological transition

The objective of Edulands is the creation of a pedagogical methodology and the investigation of fundamental aspects that facilitate the bidirectional connection between educational centers and the nearby landscape that surrounds them.
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A pedagogical methodology

The proposed methodology is transversal, multidisciplinary, cooperative and creative.
The project will develop an innovative educational strategy that schools can test and disseminate

Edulands tools provide a methodological sequence based on co-construction and open class processes that can be easily adapted to any local context.

  • describe
  • represent
  • outline
  • depict
  • portray
  • paint
  • profile
  • overview
  • characterize
Focus + Design
  • focus
  • approach
  • sharpen
  • design
Perform + Evalu-Action
  • make
  • do
  • perform
  • act
  • make out
  • evaluate
  • consider review
  • appraise

A project builder

From Edulands we want to contribute to bring about a paradigm shift in the educational framework and integrate the school with the social and emotional environment and the natural landscapes that surround it.

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EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.