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    A pedagogical methodology that promotes the bidirectional connection between schools and the surroundings landscapes.

    Project Overview

    Edulands for Transitions: An ambitious Erasmus+ Project that seeks to revolutionize education by creating collaborative methodologies deeply connected with the local environment of primary and secondary schools. The project is designed to be adaptable to official curricula, with a primary focus on stimulating learning in eco-social competence and the broader concept of transition.
    We understand landscape as the physical and geographical environment, in which we live, but also as a human, sensory and emotional dimension.
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    Emotional Bond in Education

    Significance of Affection: The project acknowledges the transformative power of emotional connections. It draws inspiration from the quote "Speaking about affection is revolutionary" by Marina Garcés, emphasizing the need to foster affectionate ties with the local landscape.
    Students as Future Managers: Emphasizes the importance of cultivating affection in students, who will be the future managers and inhabitants, educating them to be conscious citizens.

    EDULANDS Methodology

    School-Local Landscape Connection: Description of how EDULANDS seeks to connect the school with the nearby landscape, considering various layers of the landscape, including the human, heritage, historical, and economic dimensions.

    EDULANDS adopts a holistic methodology to cultivate ecosocial competence, fostering a strong bond between students and their local environment. The process includes mapping activities to enhance research skills, followed by collaborative interventions designed by students. External experts, known as ecosocial agents, contribute to real-world insights. Through dynamic activities like collaborative games and artistic tools, EDULANDS aims to create engaging learning experiences that promote citizenship, problem-solving, and heightened ecosocial awareness among students.

    Through these diverse activities, EDULANDS aims to produce shareable materials such as films, photographs, radio content, podcasts, and more. Additionally, the methodology stimulates learning through sensory perception and encourages students to explore their individual, inner landscapes.

    This project comprises the elaboration of a cooperative and adaptive methodology to elaborate:

    1. An innovative educational Hand-Book
    2. A web-based learning community
    3. A web-based library of open educational resources (EduLANDS OER Search)
    4. A MOOC training course

    These outputs allow users to share and to learn online on eco transition, to create different activities around sustainable landscape (proximity landscapes) and community building projects around schools. This process will be co-built together with school and high-school teachers in a transdisciplinary concern. The methodology and materials will be adaptable to different school levels and country teaching programs.

    Methodology Phases:


    Creation of maps of the nearby landscape, exploring from the inner landscape to the external environment.


    Students' work to design and implement interventions in the landscape, supported by external experts.


    Evaluation tools embeddable in curricula to assess eco-social competence.

    Our aim is to generate learning about transition strategies, with local economy, food production, sustainable mobility, and resource efficiency.

    Digital Support Tools

    Platform to showcase and share educational experiences related to the nearby landscape.

    EDULANDS OER Search:
    Open Educational Resources (OER) search engine providing access to projects with an eco-social perspective and the EDULANDS learning community.

    This tool encourages individuals and entities to become eco-social agents, actively participating in the EDULANDS learning community. Agents include educators, social entities, collective organizations, and professionals contributing with an eco-social perspective.

    EDULANDS Ecosocial Taxonomy

    Definition and Characteristics: Explanation of the EDULANDS ecosocial taxonomy, a set of categories defining the ecosocial perspective and methodology of learning experiences.

    Application in Results: Utilization of the taxonomy to classify and characterize project results, especially in the categorization of open educational resources.

    EDULANDS Learning Community

    To this end, EDULANDS is creating a series of tools that will help the school to open up to the surrounding landscape. Tools that help teachers and students to discover the community, that is, those people, collectives, institutions that study, work, project, recover, collaborate with each other, stimulate debates in the local environment with an ecosocial perspective. These "ecosocial agents" are those who can stimulate knowledge with affection, since they work on transcendental themes in an environment well known to the students. It is place based education and situated and dialogic learning.

    EDULANDS for transitions is coordinated by the University of Murcia in Spain, joined by two other universities - the Politecnico di Milano in Italy; the Universität fur angewandte Kunst Wien in Austria; the film production company InDirectFilm_AEDS (Education for Sustainable Development) in Spain and a non-profit organisation, OIKODROM_The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability (Austria).
    The list is completed by four primary and secondary schools, IES Poeta Julián Andúgar and Cuatronaranjos Active School Murcia from Spain, Mittleschule KOPP2 (Austria), and Istituto Comprensivo Luigi Galvani (Italy).
    We also have collaborators such as the artistic creation and citizen reactivation collective Huerta Bizarra (Spain), PH Wien. University College of Teacher Education in Vienna (Austria), the SHUQURA - Hands On Museum (Georgia), and the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna (Austria).
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    EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.