Collaborative tools to connect School and Landscape


A pedagogical methodology that promotes the bidirectional connection between schools and the surroundings landscapes.
The project EDULANDS for transitions, collaborative tools to connect the school with the landscape -financed with Erasmus + funds for Cooperation partnerships in school education- has been started in 2022 with a two-year projection to study and reach conclusions on how to connect school and landscape to foster a necessary paradigm switch in the educational framework, which generates social and environmental transition.
We understand landscape as the physical and geographical environment, in which we live, but also as a human, sensory and emotional dimension.

Sustainability and ecological transition

Transition and transformation of awareness are at our core
So the key competences and skills in EDULANDS for transitions projects will be focused on stimulating and educating the students perception towards a recognition of the value of the local community, the conservation of cultural and natural heritage, and the connection with the nearby landscapes.

Our aim is to generate learning about transition strategies, with local economy, food production, sustainable mobility, and resource efficiency.

From the understanding that this connection and these contents are necessary in the formal primary and secondary education, we want to develop tools that teachers can easily implement in their curricula. Collaborative and adaptive methodologies, that break with the traditional school barriers of the closed classroom, and create spaces for intergenerational contact both inside and outside the school. Our research focuses on making EDULANDS for transitions easily adaptable to the respective school levels, teaching programmes and curricula of the different participating European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Georgia) and therefore of any
EDULANDS for transitions is coordinated by the University of Murcia in Spain, joined by two other universities - the Politecnico di Milano in Italy; the Universität fur angewandte Kunst Wien in Austria; the film production company InDirectFilm_AEDS (Education for Sustainable Development) in Spain and a non-profit organisation, OIKODROM_The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability (Austria).
The list is completed by four primary and secondary schools, IES Poeta Julián Andúgar and Cuatronaranjos Active School Murcia from Spain, Mittleschule KOPP2 (Austria), and Istituto Comprensivo Luigi Galvani (Italy).

We also have collaborators such as the artistic creation and citizen reactivation collective Huerta Bizarra (Spain), the Las Claras School (Spain), the SHUQURA - Hands On Museum (Georgia), and the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna (Austria).
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EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.