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    The handbook is a result of the EduLANDs project. It is a workbook that will help you to initiate and strengthen transition processes in schools and their surroundings. It helps you to design your own learning experience for your class and supports you in navigating through the different Edulandscapes (Website, MOOC, Learning Experiences, Lexico & Patterns). 

    The EduLANDs learning experiences open up nomadic learning spaces to connect the school with the surrounding.

    Our aim is to start learning in, with and from the landscape. Landscapes do not only consist of material elements. From the perspective of EduLANDs, landscapes include institutions and actors. Connecting with the landscape means forming a learning community. Networking with institutions that act sustainably or are involved in sustainability projects enriches the classroom with new perspectives and alternative ideas for new transition paths. In addition, teachers take on the role of learners. This type of informal and non-directional education is complementary to existing forms of education.

    The handbook supports you in forming and developing your learning community beyond the boundaries of the school.

    The Edulandscape is the result of practical experience, which has developed from experiments in schools with teachers and students. We position our experiences in relation to “The European sustainability competence framework”, to the transition towns movement and institutions and actors from the EduLANDS learning community. Following this framework the handbook develops new approaches for alternative and new modes of education.

    The handbook contains guidelines on how to co-design nomadic learning spaces in transition projects, the EduLANDs pattern language & the lexico. The guidelines support you in finding your transition path and in co-designing learning experiences for your class. The EduLANDs pattern language navigates you through the EduLANDscape and serves as a tool to integrate transition concepts in the school. The lexico defines terms and concepts in the following four areas: Transition, Collaborative Learning Tools, Landscape and Social Justice.

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    EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.