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    About OER

    Open Educational Resources

    EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS has created the EDULANDS OER SEARCH resource cataloging and search tool, considered as the EDULANDS Open Educational Resources (OER) library. This tool makes it possible to visualize, categorize and locate, on the one hand, digital learning projects and experiences and, on the other hand, eco-social actors who wish to be part of the EDULANDS learning community, as well as facilitating access to other educational resources.

    In addition, the learning experiences can be viewed in the Learning Experiences library on the EDULANDS website without using the EDULANDS OER SEARCH.

    What do we want to achieve with the EDULANDS Library of Open Educational Resources?

    Firstly, to facilitate the visibility and localisation of those original educational experiences related to the connection between the school and the surrounding landscape to support ecosocial competences, so that their didactics and pedagogical methodology are incorporated into the academic ecosystem. Secondly, to create a collective learning community that includes people connected to the ecosocial context; these ecosocial actors can directly or indirectly influence students' learning and development, collaborate in understanding the ecosocial context, promote learning in transitions, and bring the values and potential of the surrounding landscape closer to the educational environment.

    Why include your educational project, register as an ecosocial actor or share other educational resources on EDULANDS OER SEARCH and Learning Experiences library?

    You will invest work and energy in creating your digital learning project/experience or in including the information required to be part of the learning community, so more people will be able to find you, view and use your resources because you will be able to share them:

    • Your project or information as an ecosocial actor is more likely to appear in Google search results and other data collection sites.
    • Your project or information as an ecosocial actor is more likely to be found in the future, as the data will remain fixed as part of the EDULANDS OER SEARCH library system.
    • Your project or information as an ecosocial actor will coexist digitally with other similar items, increasing the chances of people finding and visiting it.

    Using the protocols below, you can record and catalog your project/learning experience, join the EDULANDS learning community as an ecosocial actors, or attach other educational resources.

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    EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.