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    EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS promotes the creation of this directory of eco-social actors that will be part of the EDULANDS collective learning community. The main purpose of this network is to make visible and facilitate the location of experiences and ecosocial actors who can collaborate in educational environments in the landscape close to schools. This proximity of ecosocial actors to education stimulates two key aspects of today's society: on the one hand, the interaction and participation of students in the community and, on the other hand, the learning of content related to ecosocial competences from experiences produced locally.

    By ecosocial actors we mean teachers interested in landscape and ecosocial competence, social entities, collective organizations, professionals from any field of activity with an ecosocial perspective, assemblies, cooperatives, athenaeums, ........ In short, to all those people, groups or institutions that collaborate or wish to collaborate with the educational field from an ecosocial context. The only requirement is to be interested in participating in learning experiences in collaboration with education.

    The information provided in this registration form will become part of the ecosocial actors directory within the EDULANDS OER SEARCH Open Educational Resources (OER) library. The answers you provide in the registration form will act as keywords in the EDULANDS OER SEARCH resource search engine. 

    This OER library is supported by the Erasmus + project EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS: collaborative tools to connect school and landscape.

    Data subjects' consent to the use of their data

    You consent to your data being associated with EDULANDS OER SEARCH, the Open Educational Resource library of EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS, which aims to create a collaborative learning community around education, eco-social competence and the surrounding landscape.

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) requires that the data subject's consent to be part of EDULANDS OER SEARCH, the open educational resource library of EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS, is given through a clear affirmative action by the data subject.

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