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TRANSNATIONAL PARTNERS MEETING 1: Bases of the project and presentation in the Region of Murcia

Transnational Partners Meeting

EduLANDS for transitions convened its first Transnational Partners Meeting last April with the aim of undertaking a programme of activities based mainly on presenting the project in the facilities of the University of Murcia and laying the foundations of the actions that eduLANDS had proposed to carry out in the Region of Murcia up to that moment.

Concha Meseguer, Joaquín Lisón, Mercedes Solé, Miguel Pallarés, Pedro Conesa, Itziar Quintana, Sylvie Paradis-Lelli, Antonio Abellán, Irene Lucas, Charlotte Fleischmann, Christoph Euler, Adele de la Puente Schreier, MichaSeela Martinek, Paola Branduini, Camilla Casonato, Fortunata Crea, Giuseppina Iuliano and Mónica G. Candela, coordinator of the project, attended this first meeting.

Activities on 25 April 2022

After a first contact at the hotel and an informal presentation at the hotel, the members of the eduLANDS team were received at the Convalecencia building (Rectorate of the University of Murcia) by the Vice-Rector for Internationalisation, Pascual Cantos; and the head of the International Relations Department, Matías Balibrea.

Recibimiento Vicerrector

Morning session

The first session of the day took place in the meeting room of the Faculty of Law (Campus de la Merced, UMU). It was led by Irene Lucas and the main objective was the experiential introduction of the exploration and creation strategy that eduLANDS has called mapping. Three different maps are created:

  1. Map of inland water, as a tribute to the projects "la memoria del río" and Huerta Bizarra, whose essence is the water landscape of the Segura and the formation of the Huerta de Murcia.
  2. Map of languages spoken and understood by eduLANDS for transitions team
  3. Map of the geographic content of eduLANDS for transitions members

An enjoyable session that consisted of two dynamic games with camera and tripod, plus a half-hour presentation.

Search for a common language

Talking about the concepts is fundamental. However, it is much more important to succeed in creating and working together towards a common goal. Since we are a team, we must move in the same direction, and the direction is written in the title of our project: eduLANDS for transitions: collaborative tolos to connect schools and landscape.

Our horizon is the pupils, our actions are aimed at them, and our findings will be for their teachers. With them, we will increase the connection between schools and landscape, moving to transition, and integrating in this connection elements such as "community, heritage, sustainability".

Afternoon session

After lunch in the centre of Murcia, the eduLANDS team returned to the Faculty of Law for the second session of the day.

This time it was given by Sylvie Paradís-Lelli and the methodological bases and needs of the project were addressed so that the whole team could understand and support them, as well as other practical questions such as the notion of landscape and aspects related to the didactics of the approach to landscape. Mónica Candela also intervened to briefly explain the design of the website.

The first day of the eduLANDS partners' meeting ended with a walking route to the Malecón and the Murcian orchard.

Paseo por la huerta

Activities on 26 April 2022

Morning session

The second day of the Transnational Partners Meeting started without preamble. At nine o'clock in the morning, the eduLANDS team was already in the Rector Soler building of the UMU for the sharing of some of the projects led by the partners and which formed the starting experiences of the eduLANDS for transitions project.

  1. La memoria de un río, Murcia. By Joaquín Lisón and Conchi Meseguer.
  2. Expanded Garden, Vienna. By Irene Lucas and Christoph Euler
  3. Role games for mediation in landscape, Milan. By Paola Branduini and Camila Casonato.
  4. Huerta Bizarra, Murcia. By Antonio Abellán.

Afternoon session

After lunch in the canteen of the UMU Veterinary Faculty, the team returned to the meeting room of the Rector Soler building for the last session of the day.

This was further subdivided into two plots:

The first one, by Michaela Martinek, was related to the Raum für Nachhaltigkeit project developed by the University of Applied Arts Vienna (UAAV). Michaela gave the other members an explanatory document on her project which accompanied the presentation.

The second one, led by the eduLANDS coordinator, Mónica G. Candela, consisted of a presentation of aspects related to the management of the eduLANDS for transitions project.

Presentación Mónica

More specifically:

  • It was reported that there was a need to agree on a Project Management Manual including the most relevant project teams, the calendar of dates for events (future partner meetings, Training activities and Pilot Experiences), for reporting progress on results and internal quality and also including the plan for dissemination of eduLANDS.
  • It was agreed that the person in charge of the dissemination team would be María José Centenero de Arce, lecturer at the University of Murcia.
  • The timetable for the Transnational Partners Meetings 2 and 3 and their associated Training activities (TA) (2 and 3).
  • It was agreed to form a team to manage the Pilot Experiences (PE) in the schools. During the week of 25-29 April 2022, it was suggested that this same team should also carry out methodological work to determine the dynamics of each Training activity, in order to provide support and help in the implementation of the PEs with the teachers in these schools. It was provisionally called the Team for Supporting the Implementation of PE in Schools.
  • A time-line document with updated calendar information was presented.
  • Printed documentation on chronology and sequence of subsequent TA and EP activities was submitted.
  • An infographic document was presented with updated information on the most representative events in terms of Transnational Partner Meetings, TA and EP. Results reports were also provided.
  • Finally, documentation and information on WEB eduLANDS was presented.
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