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    Visit to the Poet Julián Andúgar high school


    We went to the IES Poeta Julián Andúgar for the reason of his exhibition called the “Voces de la Tierra” project in Casa Grande

    This Friday March 17, we have witnessed the exhibition about the work “Voces de la tierra”, carried out by the students of 3rd year of ESO g from the Poeta Julián Andúgar high school, and which is located in Casa Grande, Santomera City Hall.

    This presentation is oriented in Training Activity 2 and it´s one of the actions developed by the students of this high school.

    The Spanish language and literature teacher, Andrés Martínez, explains that "Voces de la tierra" project is an action carried out by the students, whose objective is to value the poet Julián Andúgar and the relationship that Santomera has maintained with the vegetable garden and with the water.

    This action begins to take shape in the first evaluation, which is in the month of November, along with the mapping process. In that, the students went out on the streets to make sociolinguistic surveys to detect the vocabulary that is used today in Santomera. As a result, the students verified that, mainly, the lexicon is related to the garden, fruits and legumes.

    Once January arrived and after the development of the mapping, in collaboration with the drawing department of the high school, the students did a photographic exhibition. To do this, the students walked the streets and natural surroundings of Santomera. In addition, throughout this entire process, other activities have taken place to strengthen the school's relationship with Santomera society. For example, the students received a talk about the first settlers of their town, who already practiced agriculture and how, over time, this agriculture has evolved from rainfed to later irrigated agriculture. Other topics were the fact of how the Tajo-Segura transfer influenced and the irrigation canal.

    One more initiative given by the students is the visit to the Santomera nursing home, where they made interviews with the elderly, in order to learn from their experiences how life in the countryside and in Santomera in general has changed.

    Finally, as a final product, the students carried out the photographic exhibition of "Voces de la tierra", which was inaugurated on March 13 in Casa Grande, accompanied by a show by the students of traditional Murcian dances and some brief presentations about the axis theme of the exhibition. Some poems of the poet Julián Andúgar were included in it and also there is an audio guide made by the students where they explain the photos, her relation with the history of Santomera and some of the most important poems by Julián Andúgar.

    For the other part, the students recognize that they have acquired a lot of knowledge about the Huerta vocabulary, the history of the town, Santomera's relationship with water...  In addition, they encourage the rest of the students to do these activities because these also serve as a personal development. 

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