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    "Towards an 'eduLANDs' Evaluation Toolbox: Creating a follow-up evaluation"


    March 29th, 2023, Mittleschule KOPP2 (Vienna, Austria)

    On the 29th of March, the Mittleschule KOPP2 in Vienna, Austria, hosted a captivating presentation by Andrés Martínez and Adele de La Puente. The session, held at the Mittleschule KOPP2, focused on the creation of a follow-up evaluation with the goal of establishing an "eduLANDs" evaluation toolbox. You can enjoy a summary video on our UM TV channel!

    During the two-day event, the presenters delved into various dynamics and materials related to evaluation. Their content proved to be valuable for educators seeking to refine their evaluation methods and artists aiming to assess their artistic interventions. The overarching objective was to conduct a theoretical-practical session on diagnostic evaluation, identifying the needs and objectives in EDULANDS evaluation processes. The workshop covered the evaluation process in schools, introducing concepts and topics related to mapping and action. Theoretical material, including the creation of an eduLANDs evaluation scheme for teachers, set the stage for a workshop. Here, small groups engaged in discussions about developing the EDULANDS evaluation methodology, focusing on key objectives, competences, follow-up evaluations, and the creation of evaluAction.

    One of the primary goals of the workshop was to take the first steps towards establishing an "eduLANDs" evaluation toolset. The speakers emphasized the importance of creating an evaluative framework that answers the fundamental question: "What is going to be evaluated?" This framework, they explained, serves as the means through which evaluation is obtained. Participants were actively engaged in discussions, offering their opinions and suggestions, making the session interactive and collaborative. The emphasis on creating an evaluation scheme for teachers and defining key educational objectives and competences underscored the practical applications of the presented materials.

    The presenters also shed light on the EU language concerning evaluation, providing context and guidance for educators navigating evaluation processes within the European framework. The workshop concluded with a school tour, offering participants a hands-on experience of the presented concepts within an educational setting.

    For those who missed the live event, a summary is scheduled to be broadcast on the UM TV channel. This broadcast will provide an overview of the key insights, methodologies, and discussions presented by Andrés Martínez and Adele de La Puente, ensuring that the valuable information reaches a broader audience interested in advancing educational evaluation practices. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the next chapter in the evolution of educational assessment! Visit our official UM TV channel to watch the full workshop video and embark on a transformative educational journey.

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