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The EduLANDS OER Search is ready! Strengthening the connection between the learning community and the environment.


After a prolonged period of dedication to the eco-social transition, EduLANDS celebrates a significant milestone with the release of its Open Educational Resources (OERs) under the title of EDULANDS OER Search. This innovative dual-format visual resource aims to foster connection and collaboration within the eduLANDS Educational Community. EDULANDS OER Search serves as a browser, seamlessly functioning as a search tool for all the diverse resources within the EduLANDS community.

EDULANDS OER Search offers a unique experience through its geolocation capability, allowing users to find individuals and projects in geographical proximity. Additionally, the search function leverages the common interests and experiences of participants to strengthen connections among them.

It stands out as more than just a browser; it's a dynamic tool that doubles as a comprehensive search engine for the wealth of resources within the EduLANDS community. Beyond this, it opens the door to the vibrant Learning Community, providing users with the invaluable chance to connect, communicate, and collaborate with experts in the field. Explore the depths of knowledge and forge meaningful connections through this multifaceted EduLANDS tool.

The EduLANDS Learning Community, an ever-evolving online platform, seeks to bring together teachers, students, and eco-social agents of various kinds, including authorities, collectives, professionals, associations, and administrations. This collaborative space provides an opportunity to share experiences, potentials, and projects, promoting a holistic approach to education.

At a time when eco-social competence is gaining increasing relevance in educational curricula, EduLANDS advocates for effective connection between educational institutions and their nearby environments. This strategy is perceived as powerful in facilitating meaningful learning of fundamental concepts, enabling students to contextualize their importance within their surroundings.

EDULANDS OER Search, available at , is a comprehensive search tool offering a wide range of resources, from eco-social agents to projects, documents, and audiovisual content. It visually represents the connection and progress that has marked EduLANDS' journey in the eco-social transition.

The tool allows users to choose between three search and visualization methods: NET, MAP, and LIST, each offering a unique perspective on the results. Additionally, users can customize their search through text filters, categories, and colors, providing a user experience tailored to their specific needs.

Discover EDULANDS OER Search and immerse yourself in the connection between education and the environment, contributing to the promotion of eco-social competence in educational training.

How to use it: UM TV Tutorial

EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.