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MINI-TOOLS: Map of shopping habits in my locality
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Mercedes Solé (IES Poeta Julián Andúgar) Mini-Tools: Know the commercial areas of the city and shopping habits. Analyze establishments with sustainable or proximity products
Interwoven Enviroment

The project uses „valueless“ materials from the regional environment to create awareness of resource orientation. The participants should learn appropriate processing techniques and develop an understanding of different material classes. Material access and the technique of weaving create new possibilities for the use of materials. The project promotes a reflective attitude to the issue of waste and enables artistic design with recycled materials. Prototype-like objects and samples with a wide range of applications are created. The participants gain knowledge in weaving and are empowered to shape their own future.

Map of purchasing habits in my location
Edulands resource

The goal is to explore shopping areas in the students’ local environment and understand the purchasing habits of their families and neighborhoods. The key competencies addressed include evaluating environmental conservation actions and acquiring and communicating information for self-learning and practical application.

The contents encompass the concepts of landscape and maps, as well as sustainable and circular economy principles. The methodology includes brainstorming sessions to define landscape and map concepts, individual work to design shopping maps for both families and neighborhoods, and culminates in the presentation and reflection on each student´s map. The project concludes with a recording of the work for presentation in Milan.

This activity integrates geographical and economic concepts with practical mapping skills while fostering an understanding of local shopping habits and their environmental impact.

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