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Cápsula EduLANDS For Transitions
El proyecto EDULANDS for transitions, collaborative tools to connect the school with the landscape -financiado con fondos Erasmus + para Cooperation partnerships in school education- se ha iniciado en 2022 con una proyección de dos años para estudiar y sacar conclusiones sobre cómo conectar escuela y paisaje, para favorecer un cambio de paradigma necesario en el marco educativo que genere transformación social y medioambiental.
¿Qué es EduLANDS?-Dossier Gráfico
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Un proyecto Erasmus + Que investiga y desarrolla herramientas de aprendizaje colaborativo para conectar la escuela con el paisaje cercano. Con nuestro proyecto, queremos contribuir a provocar un cambio de paradigma en el marco educativo e integrar la escuela con el entorno social, emocional y los paisajes naturales que la rodean.
Mini-TOOL: Local Shopping Habits Map
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It aims to familiarize individuals with the city’s commercial districts and shopping patterns, as well as to assess businesses offering sustainable or locally sourced products. The final outcome is an audio guide featuring stops at the most sustainable and interesting shops or establishments for any visitor.
Rediseño el pueblo. Interviews
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The main objectives are to help students understand their urban environment and see it as their own. The project focuses on visualizing common elements in its environment, reflecting on possible improvements, seeing the city as an interactive space for intervention and generating proposals for the beautification of the neighborhood.
Map of purchasing habits in my location. Interviews
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The goal is to explore shopping areas in students' local environments and understand the shopping habits of their families and neighborhoods. Key competencies addressed include the evaluation of environmental conservation actions and the acquisition and communication of information for self-learning and practical application.
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EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.