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Caminos Perdidos de la Transhumancia
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The action involves the study and connection with the forgotten landscape of transhumance in the municipality of Santomera through the creation of a guided documentary. Students have examined the elements of their municipality’s landscape through this ancient practice, subsequently developing fictional stories interpreted and sensitized through mediation and theatricalization. Activities include the study of direct sources such as old maps or laws associated with transhumance, interviews with transhumant shepherds, visits to spaces related to transhumance for understanding, and staging. These activities were carried out leading up to the final production of the docufiction film and its presentation to society.

Water for the plants

The project, «Water for the Plants,» focuses on the FLUX-terrace of VZA7 in Vienna and aims to manage water resources efficiently for plant care. The project explores the historical significance of water in Vienna, emphasizes the importance of water regulation for urban trees, and draws inspiration from global examples, such as New York rooftops, Murcia’s Huerto Urbano, and Vienna’s Floating Gardens. The aquaCura concept proposes an intelligent irrigation system with rainwater treatment, emphasizing resource conservation, smart technology, and green care practices.

Interwoven Enviroment

The project uses „valueless“ materials from the regional environment to create awareness of resource orientation. The participants should learn appropriate processing techniques and develop an understanding of different material classes. Material access and the technique of weaving create new possibilities for the use of materials. The project promotes a reflective attitude to the issue of waste and enables artistic design with recycled materials. Prototype-like objects and samples with a wide range of applications are created. The participants gain knowledge in weaving and are empowered to shape their own future.

Los colores de Murcia
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Return to the earth what belongs to the earth, through research on how to make pigments from natural elements and collect them (soil, stones, plants) and connect with our landscape.

Connect students with the landscape by collecting soil from various points in the region and bringing it to the educational center to prepare pigments that will be used in an activity.

A piece of sun
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This project has focused on establishing relationships with the landscape, tradition, and culture. To achieve this, it has created a learning network with sustainable projects in the area. The network has been established in a map format, where students can visibly see all the connections created, including their own educational center. The experiences gained during each of the visits to local projects have served as inspiration for the creation of working tools in which solar light and its sustainable energy are the foundation.

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