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Intergenerational connection
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In this activity, students connect with two community groups: residents of a local senior residence and students in municipal educational programs.

First Part: Senior Residence Interaction. Students conduct three sessions at the senior residence, collecting life stories through interviews focused on the elderly’s connection with the local orchard and changes in Santomera over time.

Second Part: Outreach to Students at Risk. Students share insights with peers at risk of exclusion through creative activities like role-playing game using a Santomera map and clay figures, «Barraca go!» card game based on Murcian vocabulary or a creation of a mural with verses from a poem and Santomera motifs.

This holistic initiative aims to bridge generations, address educational needs, and deepen understanding of the community’s history and challenges.

Carrying out a collective audiovisual work
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The project involves creating a collective audiovisual work on the social and emotional perception of a chosen landscape. The objectives include reflecting on the landscape through audiovisual creation, fostering creativity and expression, understanding the concept of transition, acquiring acting and audiovisual technique knowledge, and promoting teamwork. The participants, including students, a teacher, and an audiovisual mediator, go through phases such as research, emotional exercises, script creation, rehearsals, filming, and editing. The process aims to deepen participants’ connection with their environment, incorporating emotional knowledge into the learning experience.

Emotional Relationship with the Landscape
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The project aims to create emotional learning experiences with the landscape for high school students. Through various activities conducted over five days, the project seeks to deepen the connection between students and their emotions, complement intellectual knowledge with emotional understanding, and foster team bonds, empathy, and assertive communication.

Connecting the school community using interviews
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With the help of a questionnaire, pupils were invited to discover their social environment by interviewing the people working at their own school. They  were assigned different roles and formed groups to interact with teachers and school personnel. In the end, an interactive guessing game was created and exhibited in the school’s main hall.

And what is Santomera about?
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We propose a learning situation so that our students find the necessary motivation to know their closest environment. Our action will generate an audio guide that summarizes the elements of their heritage that they identify and highlight in the geography and history of Santomera.

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