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Mapping the internal landscape
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The pupils drew the contour (frame) of their bodies onto a big poster with the help of another pupil. They reflected upon personal questions, answered them with a collage or in a written form on a post-it and glued that post-it on their frame. After, they presented their answers and poster to each other. Some pupils took the roles of recording or interviewing. After each presentation, they were asked if they had discovered anything they had in common with the presenter. Further, on a voluntary basis, they were interviewed about general questions about their life at school and their everyday routines.

Connecting the school community using interviews
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With the help of a questionnaire, pupils were invited to discover their social environment by interviewing the people working at their own school. They  were assigned different roles and formed groups to interact with teachers and school personnel. In the end, an interactive guessing game was created and exhibited in the school’s main hall.

Edulands resource
This information outlines a series of educational activities conducted at Schule Kopp2, focusing on fostering connections, self-awareness, and community engagement among students.
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