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Look in the hive
Edulands resource

Learning Phase: The class will visit the beehive with the beekeeper at least once.

Concept phase: The class gets the task to connect the beehive with a certain spot in school. This spot will be kind of a portal that connects the school with the experiences they had with the collaboration beehive.

The class will think of their experiences and what they found most fascinating. They will collect ideas of how to transfer their experiences to their school mates. (Honey tasting workshops…).

Drones collecting point
Edulands resource

It is between 14 and 18 units in size and consists of three parts. The smallest part, the uppermost, consists of two large and three small round organs, two rod-shaped organs, one tubular organ and an opening. Two pairs of wings grow from the middle part – the front wing is significantly larger than the rear one – and six legs. The last part is the largest, it is two-colored and striped. Draw a picture of what is described might look like.

Mini-TOOL: The Emotional Relationship with the Landscape
Edulands resource
To explore and deepen the emotional relationship between students and the landscape, supplementing intellectual knowledge with emotional awareness, and fostering a sense of unity and teamwork among students by promoting empathy and assertive, respectful communication. The outcome is a co-created landscape metaphor showing the emotional connection between students and their landscapes.
Mini-TOOL: The colors of the ground
Edulands resource
It connects the students with the landscape, through the collection of soil from different parts of the region and bringing it to the educational centre, in order to prepare pigments that will be used in an artistic action. The outcome is a mural following the colours and the shapes of the surroundings. The aim of the action it was to create a deep connection between the school and its surroundings, creating a harmonious blend with the landscape.
Mini-TOOL: Spa_Low_Sky
Edulands resource
To remodel the street space of Mittelgasse and Spalowskygasse, which is frequented by over 500 children every day. The focus is on redesigning the area in a way that is more citizen-centered in order to facilitate creative activities and art encounters. The methods proposed by the EDULANDS for Transition Project can strengthen relationships between students through shared learning and experiences outside of school. These approaches, which emphasize communication and creative exchange, can also foster stronger connections between teachers and students.
EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.