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Mini-TOOL: The Emotional Relationship with the Landscape
Edulands resource
To explore and deepen the emotional relationship between students and the landscape, supplementing intellectual knowledge with emotional awareness, and fostering a sense of unity and teamwork among students by promoting empathy and assertive, respectful communication. The outcome is a co-created landscape metaphor showing the emotional connection between students and their landscapes.
Mini-TOOL: The colors of the ground
Edulands resource
It connects the students with the landscape, through the collection of soil from different parts of the region and bringing it to the educational centre, in order to prepare pigments that will be used in an artistic action. The outcome is a mural following the colours and the shapes of the surroundings. The aim of the action it was to create a deep connection between the school and its surroundings, creating a harmonious blend with the landscape.
Mini-TOOL: Taste the salt with flowers
It connects landscape and gastronomy, it means a cultural landscape component that provides a sensory and visually pleasing experience that celebrates the harmonious fusion of nature, and culinary arts. Beyond the tangible product, the final outcome also encompasses the intangible benefits and experiences, including the acquired knowledge about edible flowers, culinary techniques and traditions.
Mini-TOOL: Sensory perception of the landscape
Edulands resource
It analyzes the landscape through the senses and the perceptions it evokes in us. The outcome is a map that relates the perceptions of the senses within the physical space.
Mini-TOOL: Role-playing
Edulands resource
It connects the participants with the actors who exert influence on the landscape, interpreting the corresponding role and thus understanding the scope, perspectives, and necessary mediations to reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved. Above all, ensure the safeguarding of the cultural and natural heritage of the landscape under study. Outcome is a group map with opinions and strategies for mediation and intervention in the landscape derived from the game.
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