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Intergenerational connection
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In this activity, students connect with two community groups: residents of a local senior residence and students in municipal educational programs.

First Part: Senior Residence Interaction. Students conduct three sessions at the senior residence, collecting life stories through interviews focused on the elderly’s connection with the local orchard and changes in Santomera over time.

Second Part: Outreach to Students at Risk. Students share insights with peers at risk of exclusion through creative activities like role-playing game using a Santomera map and clay figures, «Barraca go!» card game based on Murcian vocabulary or a creation of a mural with verses from a poem and Santomera motifs.

This holistic initiative aims to bridge generations, address educational needs, and deepen understanding of the community’s history and challenges.

Caminos Perdidos de la Transhumancia
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The action involves the study and connection with the forgotten landscape of transhumance in the municipality of Santomera through the creation of a guided documentary. Students have examined the elements of their municipality’s landscape through this ancient practice, subsequently developing fictional stories interpreted and sensitized through mediation and theatricalization. Activities include the study of direct sources such as old maps or laws associated with transhumance, interviews with transhumant shepherds, visits to spaces related to transhumance for understanding, and staging. These activities were carried out leading up to the final production of the docufiction film and its presentation to society.

Mapping the internal landscape
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The pupils drew the contour (frame) of their bodies onto a big poster with the help of another pupil. They reflected upon personal questions, answered them with a collage or in a written form on a post-it and glued that post-it on their frame. After, they presented their answers and poster to each other. Some pupils took the roles of recording or interviewing. After each presentation, they were asked if they had discovered anything they had in common with the presenter. Further, on a voluntary basis, they were interviewed about general questions about their life at school and their everyday routines.

MINI-TOOLS: Map of shopping habits in my locality
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Mercedes Solé (IES Poeta Julián Andúgar) Mini-Tools: Know the commercial areas of the city and shopping habits. Analyze establishments with sustainable or proximity products
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