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Loops EduLANDS FEST 2023
Edulands resource
Edulands Fest, the project dedicated to educational innovation and interactive learning (in which entities such as the European Union and the University of Murcia collaborate), has been a resounding success in its 2023 edition. The fair brought together dozens of attendees, including students, teachers, families and the general public. A workshop that combined artistic and educational activities to stimulate the development of children and adolescents, in addition to generating spaces for dialogue and exchange between different generations. In this way, we wanted to contribute to sustainable growth in the field of primary education through a call to action with cultural elements that promote positive attitudes towards knowledge, creativity and education from a protest point of view. And here are some of the projects, visual supports from teachers and experts, and a summary of what made up these days.
The making-off of a shared map for EDULANDS FEST 2023
Edulands resource
The collaboration between Antonio Abellán (Huerta Bizarra) and Daniel Caballero has resulted in an impressive shared map at the EDULANDS FEST Murcia, held on January 19, 2023 at the Artillery Barracks. This large map, designed to visualize and connect the participants of the EDULANDS FOR TRANSITIONS European research program, as well as attendees of the project presentation event, was created on a wall covered in tiles that overlooked the main access room, informal exhibitions, and dining area of the festival.
Half open the school. Connect learnings: EduLANDS FEST 2023
Carlos Magro proposes a new form of education that confronts society rather than just adapting to it. To understand the world, it is necessary to take a step back and be critical.
The Mar Menor and the educational cinema experience: EduLANDS FEST 2023
Edulands resource
Concepción Meseguer and Joaquín Lisón, eduLANDS Project. Teresa Colomina, eduLANDS Project. University of Murcia and InDirectFilm_AEDS. Inmaculada Lacal, IES Francisco Salzillo (Alcantarilla, Murcia). In this video, the Murcian production company InDirectFilm is presented, which portrays the cultural, natural, and emotional landscape of the region, giving voice to the concerns of the population without judgment and through observation. It is emphasized that cinema is a pedagogical tool that allows us to connect with the character and the story, to get to know our environment, and to create a commitment with life, people, and the environment. Indirectfilm seeks to connect the landscape with different issues, such as the ecological transition, and prepares didactic units to take to the classroom. In addition, cinema forum is highlighted as an educational tool to promote environmental awareness and action in the nearby environment.
Exploring Collaborative Learning: EduLANDS FEST 2023
Edulands resource
Monica G. Candela (coordinator of the eduLANDS project at the University of Murcia) explains various key terms for a complete understanding of what the eduLANDS for transitions project encompasses: innovation, biospheric landscape, ecosocial context... The importance of the word "transitions" is emphasized, as well as the need for a real change in the academic paradigm, an educational transition adapted to today's times. This entails the integration of a new lexicon in which schools understand concepts ranging from circular economy to sustainability.
EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.