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Cápsula EduLANDS For Transitions
El proyecto EDULANDS for transitions, collaborative tools to connect the school with the landscape -financiado con fondos Erasmus + para Cooperation partnerships in school education- se ha iniciado en 2022 con una proyección de dos años para estudiar y sacar conclusiones sobre cómo conectar escuela y paisaje, para favorecer un cambio de paradigma necesario en el marco educativo que genere transformación social y medioambiental.
¿Qué es EduLANDS?-Dossier Gráfico
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Un proyecto Erasmus + Que investiga y desarrolla herramientas de aprendizaje colaborativo para conectar la escuela con el paisaje cercano. Con nuestro proyecto, queremos contribuir a provocar un cambio de paradigma en el marco educativo e integrar la escuela con el entorno social, emocional y los paisajes naturales que la rodean.
Look in the hive
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Learning Phase: The class will visit the beehive with the beekeeper at least once.

Concept phase: The class gets the task to connect the beehive with a certain spot in school. This spot will be kind of a portal that connects the school with the experiences they had with the collaboration beehive.

The class will think of their experiences and what they found most fascinating. They will collect ideas of how to transfer their experiences to their school mates. (Honey tasting workshops…).

Mini-TOOL: Expanded Garden
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It conducts an art research focusing on issues such as food sovereignty, nutrition in relation to energy self-sufficiency and urban planning.Using the model of the 15-minute city, cooperative games will be employed to design oversized mappings with the active participation of all involved. Outcomes are initiatives outside the school building, reflecting and making visible the potential of art education and intervention in the field of social-ecological environmental awareness for the energy transition.
Mini-TOOL: Cinema Forum
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It addresses the socio-ecological crisis in the Mar Menor, Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, triggered by the DANAS of 2019. The educational approach involves exploring the concept of environmental refugees through the film «Sofía Volverá» which runs parallel to the Popular Legislative Initiative for legal recognition of the Mar Menor. The outcome is a film that integrates disciplines and enables students to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the intricate issues concerning the Mar Menor, fostering a multidimensional approach to problem-solving.
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EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.