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And what is Santomera about?
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We propose a learning situation so that our students find the necessary motivation to know their closest environment. Our action will generate an audio guide that summarizes the elements of their heritage that they identify and highlight in the geography and history of Santomera.

Rediseño el pueblo
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The primary objectives are to help students understand their urban environment and see it as their own. The project focuses on visualizing common elements in their vicinity, reflecting on potential improvements, viewing the town as an interactive space for intervention, and generating proposals for neighborhood enhancement.

The methodology consists of image editing using the free software GIMP. The project begins with individual work and progresses to group collaboration. Ideas for improvements are shared in class and distributed across different neighborhoods. Students create projects showcasing their proposed improvements and present them using audiovisual presentations. The project concludes with reflection.

The project emphasizes both the development of technical skills and critical thinking about public and private spaces. Conclusions are drawn from the entire activity, taking into account the use of tools and the effectiveness of the presentations.

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