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    "LOOPS MONITORS" now available on EduLANDS' UM TV channel


    EduLANDS has released the video "LOOPS MONITORS" on its UM TV channel to share visual supports and educational projects from experts and teachers during the EduLANDS FEST 2023.

    UM TV, EduLANDS' channel, has launched an exciting video titled "LOOPS MONITORS". This audiovisual material provides the audience with the opportunity to witness the visual aids that played an essential role in expert talks and presentations during EduLANDS FEST 2023.

    The event, focused on educational innovation and interactive learning, was a resounding success in its 2023 edition, attracting dozens of attendees, including students, teachers, families, and the general public. The organizers aimed to stimulate the development of children and adolescents through artistic and educational activities while fostering dialogue and exchange between different generations.

    "LOOPS MONITORS" vividly showcases how teachers and experts used visual aids to effectively convey their ideas and knowledge. The video also offers a detailed insight into the educational projects carried out as part of EduLANDS FEST, highlighting the diversity of approaches and creativity involved in each of them.

    This audiovisual material is not only a valuable resource for those who attended the event but also for those interested in innovative and sustainable education. It provides a window into the methodology and strategies used by educators to inspire future generations and encourage a more active approach to learning.

    The release of "LOOPS MONITORS" on EduLANDS' UM TV channel is an important step in sharing knowledge and best practices in the field of education. In addition to providing visual supports that reflect the commitment of teachers and experts, the video offers an inspiring vision of how education can evolve and adapt to contemporary challenges.

    The EduLANDS team expresses gratitude to all those involved in the creation of this video and looks forward to continuing to promote educational innovation in future editions of EduLANDS FEST and through its UM TV channel. This release reinforces EduLANDS' commitment to creating a more sustainable and enriching educational future.




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