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    Now You Can Publish Your Own Educational Resources on EduLANDS OER Search!


    EduLANDS, a leading Erasmus+ Project in the educational field committed to promoting open learning and Open Educational Resources (OER), has announced an exciting update to its OER Search service. From now on, users have the ability to contribute their own educational resources, marking a significant milestone in global educational sharing and collaboration. The new feature allows users to share a wide range of resources, including learning experiences, eco-social agents, documents, and video links, thereby providing a valuable and diverse resource for the educational community worldwide.

    The process to publish your own resources on EduLANDS OER Search is simple and accessible. From the OER Search page, users can find the "submit a resource" option, which takes them to a dedicated page where they can begin the contribution process. However, before getting started, they are strongly encouraged to review two essential instructional guides: "Author Guidelines" and "Handbook for publishing learning experiences". These documents provide a clear understanding of the requirements and best practices for creating and submitting educational resources.

    Once users are familiar with the guidelines and requirements, they can select the type of resource they wish to share—whether it's a project, an eco-social agent, or any other relevant educational resource. Each type of resource requires filling out specific fields and ensuring informed consent for publication.

    After completing the necessary fields and submitting their resource, the EduLANDS team will carefully review each contribution before publishing it on the OER Search. This review ensures the quality and relevance of the shared resources, thereby strengthening the utility and integrity of the platform.

    With this update, EduLANDS OER Search becomes a dynamic and collaborative space where educators, students, and professionals can share, discover, and collaborate on a wide range of educational resources. This tool not only fosters innovation and creativity in education but also promotes the inclusion and diversity of perspectives in the educational process.

    In summary, the ability to publish one's own resources on EduLANDS OER Search marks an exciting advancement in open access to education and knowledge sharing worldwide. Join the EduLANDS community and contribute your educational resources today!


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