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    Edulands learning experience

    Los colores de Murcia

    Cuatro Naranjos Murcia Active School
    Itziar Quintana Astondoa
    Cuatro Naranjos Murcia Active School, C. Alcalde Gaspar de La Peña, 27, 30009 Murcia. España
    Kika Pagán Massotti
    Cuatro Naranjos Murcia Active School, C. Alcalde Gaspar de La Peña, 27, 30009 Murcia. España

    Return to the earth what belongs to the earth, through research on how to make pigments from natural elements and collect them (soil, stones, plants…) and connect with our landscape.

    Connect students with the landscape by collecting soil from various points in the region and bringing it to the educational center to prepare pigments that will be used in an activity.

    Learning objetives and goals

    • Open our gaze to our surroundings.
    • Raise awareness of the places we pass by.
    • Awaken a reflective perspective on the Murcia orchard.
    • Establish a connection with The Orchard.
    • Experience how we can become creators of our own artistic materials.
    • Be protagonists of the teaching-learning process.
    Topics related to landscape and transition

    Learning experience data sheet

    1st to 6th grade
    Age range of students
    6 – 12 years old
    Number of students
    Approximately 90 students
    Number of groups/classes
    6 classes from 1st to 6th grade
    Number of sessions needed to develop in the experience
    8 sessions
    Total time invested in the experience
    Approximately 10 hours
    Type of community involved


    Study area

    The project’s strategic foundation is the educational center, and from there, it extends to other spaces and collectives, thus creating networks of work and learning that serve as a reference for both the school and the collectives it engages with. Furthermore, this proposal has expanded the scope of action as students have collected soil from various points in the region.

    This educational experience is related to the current historical time. The perspective of the current orchard landscape has served as inspiration for the creation of a mural that blends the school with the surroundings.

    Pedagogical methodology

    Considering that the educational center is classified as an active space, experiential and meaningful learning is present in all the activities carried out.

    Furthermore, this project has broadened the perspective to foster more awareness of collaborative learning, as collaborative networks have been established both among students themselves and with students from other educational centers.

    Type of collaborative experience

    Collaborative learning has been based on creative and artistic action through the collective gathering of soil, experimentation, and implementation via a collaborative mural.

    Type of collaborative action
    Space where the experience is carried out

    The table included at the end of the document summarizes the steps and locations where this educational experience has taken place.

    Where the learning experience has been developed
    Educational materials and/or resources needed

    Earth from different parts of the region
    Reference book: «The Organic Artist for Kids» by Nick Neddo.
    Templates and paints for the mural creation.


    Initial or pre-assessment

    At Cuatro Naranjos Murcia Active School, we use the Transparent Classroom tool to monitor and evaluate all teaching and learning processes. This online platform allows us to create and organize evaluation criteria and share them easily and daily with families.

    Considering one of the fundamental pillars of the school, which is respect for individual rhythms, this tool allows for evaluation following a gradual scale of content acquisition. It enables you to classify content as follows:

    Initiated: This option is marked when the content is introduced to the students.

    Formative evaluation

    In progress: This option is used when the content is being developed.

    Final evaluation

    Achieved: This option is marked when the content has been achieved.
    Outstanding: This option is reserved for those students whose attitude or aptitude stands out.

    Supplementary materials

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