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And what is Santomera about?

IES Poeta Julián Andúgar Santomera
Víctor Reche Mulero
IES Poeta Julián Andúgar Santomera, Av. Poeta Julián Andúgar, 14, 30140 Santomera, Murcia
Mercedes Solé
IES Poeta Julián Andúgar Santomera, Av. Poeta Julián Andúgar, 14, 30140 Santomera, Murcia

We propose a learning situation so that our students find the necessary motivation to know their closest environment. Our action will generate an audio guide that summarizes the elements of their heritage that they identify and highlight in the geography and history of Santomera.

Learning objetives and goals

Bring them closer to the concept of landscape and how they perceive it.

  1. → Distinguish elements of their immediate environment, which they value as
    important elements of their landscape and contextualized in Santomera.
  2. → Structure in an orderly way (visually and orally) what they understand as relevant
    to the landscape of Santomera (mind map)
  3. → Measure the impact, according to them, of their immediate environment
Topics related to landscape and transition

Learning experience data sheet

Geography and History and Commercial Services
1st ESO
Age range of students
13 years old
Number of students
Number of groups/classes
Number of sessions needed to develop in the experience
10 sessions
Total time invested in the experience
9 hours
Type of community involved


Study area

Geography and history.


Pedagogical methodology
  • Detection of previous knowledge to generate meaningful learning.
  • Creation of a motivating learning situation, to achieve the solution to a problem posed (Project or Problem Based Learning, PBL)
  • Approach of own principles of heritage education, associated with the municipality of Santomera.
  • The entire methodological process is based on integrated learning activities in different contexts, which pose a challenge and an intellectual challenge for our students, where they learn by themselves, in a teamwork environment and associated with the method of scientific research.
  • Methodology based on the creation of mental maps of the geography of perception and behavior.

Description of actions/activities: Service-Learning (APS) and Challenge-Based Learning

Development of the activity by sessions:

  • Session 1: presentation of objectives and planning of the activity
  • Session 2: explanation of the didactic guide to work on the route
  • Session 3: Route Development and Information Collection
  • Session 4: Developing a script with information about the route
  • Session 5: Recording a podcast on radio
  • Session 6: Recording a podcast on radio
  • Session 7: Assembling the audio guide with Audacity
  • Session 8: Assembling the audio guide with Audacity
  • Session 9: preparation of a route developed by students
  • Session 10: Implementation of the route and audio guide, along with the evaluation
Type of collaborative experience

Description of actions/activities: Service-Learning (APS) and Challenge-Based Learning.

Type of collaborative action
Where the learning experience has been developed
Educational materials and/or resources needed
  • Didactic work guide
  • Photography
  • Maps
  • Presentations
  • Radio-podcast
  • Audacity program
  • Street map



Initial or pre-assessment

Already done at the beginning of action 1

Formative evaluation

Throughout the activity through observation and sharing. (self-assessment and co-evaluation)

Final evaluation

It will be carried out at the end of the action in session 10

Supplementary materials

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