Collaborative tools to connect School and Landscape
Edulands learning experience

Intergenerational connection

IES Poeta Julián Andúgar Santomera
Andrés Martínez Soler
IES Poeta Julián Andúgar, Av. Poeta Julián Andúgar, 14, 30140 Santomera, Murcia

In this activity, students connect with two community groups: residents of a local senior residence and students in municipal educational programs.

First Part: Senior Residence Interaction. Students conduct three sessions at the senior residence, collecting life stories through interviews focused on the elderly’s connection with the local orchard and changes in Santomera over time.

Second Part: Outreach to Students at Risk. Students share insights with peers at risk of exclusion through creative activities like role-playing game using a Santomera map and clay figures, «Barraca go!» card game based on Murcian vocabulary or a creation of a mural with verses from a poem and Santomera motifs.

This holistic initiative aims to bridge generations, address educational needs, and deepen understanding of the community’s history and challenges.

Learning objetives and goals

  1. Learn more about the history of Santomera and its inhabitants: its relationship with the orchard, the transformation of Santomera in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st…
  2. Disseminate and teach people to value the historical, linguistic and literary heritage.
  3. Involve the younger generations in the care and improvement of their municipality.
  4. Generate collaborative dynamics between the school and different sectors of local society.
Topics related to landscape and transition

Learning experience data sheet

Spanish Language and Literature
3rd ESO
Age range of students
14-15 years old
Number of students
Groups from 3 to 30 students, in groups of 3-4 students
Number of groups/classes
Number of sessions needed to develop in the experience
6 sessions + 2 out-of-schedule sessions
Total time invested in the experience
3 weeks
Type of community involved


Pedagogical methodology

Desarrollo de la escucha activa, así como de la estructuración y selección de información para realizar de forma colaborativa historias de vida, en formato oral y escrito.

Protagonismo de los estudiantes, que se encargan de liderar la elaboración de las historias de vida y de coordinar las actividades con los estudiantes de refuerzo educativo.

Type of collaborative action
Where the learning experience has been developed
Educational materials and/or resources needed
  • Personalized board/card games
  • Audio recorder and editing program
  • Town map and clay
  • Cardboards, scissors and markers


Initial or pre-assessment

Colloquium with students about their knowledge about the genre of autobiography, their tastes in board games and experiences in role-playing games.

Formative evaluation

Feedback and review during and after interviews with users of the nursing home, which serve to redirect or strengthen the direction of the information collected.

Review of the activities for the workshop, taking into account the fulfillment of deadlines and the roles assigned by the students.

Final evaluation

Evaluation of the products created and their staging in the workshop with students for educational reinforcement through rubrics.

Supplementary materials

EDULANDS is a 2-year strategic partnership, supported by the European Union. 2021-2023.